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Author Checklist
Check List

1. General guideline

□ Manuscript contained one original manuscript, copyright transfer form and conflict of interest form.

□ Manuscript should be typed in Hangul or other word processor with a space of 25 mm from upper, lower, left and right margin, 10.0 point in font size, and line space of 200%.

□ Terminology was written by those from recent edition of ‘English-Korean Medical Terminology’ published by the Korean Medical Association.

2. Title page

□ Title, name of authors, affiliation were described both in English and in Korean.

□ English running title was described with less than 50 characters.

□ In lower area of title page, the name, address, e-mail, telephone, fax of the corresponding author, ORCID of all authors were described.

3. Abstract and Key words

□ Abstract word count was equal to or less than that indicated in Instructions for Authors.

□ A paragraph including the purpose, methods, results and conclusions was described in an unstructured format.

□ Key words were described from Medical Subject Heading (MeSH).

4. Main text

□ The order of the section was described according to the Instructions for Authors.

□ References in the main text were described according to the Instructions for Authors.

5. References

□ Every articles in REFERENCES were cited in the main text.

□ Number of reference was equal to or less than that indicated in Instructions for Authors.

□ References were numbered according to numeric order.

□ Abbreviated title of the journals were those from PubMed or KoreaMed.

□ All references were written in English.

□ The reference style was followed by the Instructions for Authors.

6. Tables and figures

□ The titles and legends of tables and figures were in English.

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